Sunday, August 29, 2010

so true

i'd definitely wear this gorgeous design...both true and well designed. found here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


this appeals to the nerd in me. and i promise you, no photoshop action going on here. this gorgeous thing really exists and was made by a guy named daniel deutsch. he built it in his garage and it took him six weeks. this shit can really drive and it's in full scale! i need this in my life!
check out the delorean
you can see the whole process here and also look at some other stuff daniel has made (including r2d2, which i'm plotting to steal as i write :p)


now these i like! ads for the delish game pictionary designed by juan jose posada who works at ogilvy and mather. graphically they look awesome! and the idea of these common things looking as if a player drew them is genius! simple and delicious!
found here.

leaning towel

oh my! i love it when designers rethink and reinvent the simplest design. like this paper towel holder. this little number was inspired by the leaning tower of pisa (thus the name: leaning towel. HOORAY FOR WORDPLAY!). it seems so much easier! and according to the designers the base is heavy so it won't juggle around, making it easier to rip off the towel without ripping the paper itself! a simple design that kicks ass!

Monday, August 9, 2010


why hello! what a delicate design we have here! i'm just wondering why nobody thought of this shit before! loooove!
they can be found at wine innovations.


omgosh! these are delicious! they were designed by moma propaganda for maximidia seminars and are a part of a campaign called everything ages fast. could they BE any more beautiful?!

Monday, August 2, 2010


waiting for my apartment i've come up with some insane ideas on how to decorate it's walls. well, maybe not my ideas but i'm loving on them! first of all tiger is selling these fake mona lisa paintings that don't cost much so i'm gonna get one and paint over mona lisa so she'll look like a zombie. oh yes...i so am!
not maybe exactly like this but it was the only thing i found (here actually).
also i came across this on my friends facebook. LOVE this idea and since me and my boy are big fans of portal were gonna go ahead and buy these and paint them in both blue and orange. then hang them on different walls in the apartment.
click for full view
now if only we could get the apartment soon, preferably yesterday!


oh my! now these are some kitschy statues i wouldn't mind owning! looove the gore! they were made by jessica harrison.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

utter brilliance

how damn brilliant! i love it when designers rethink everyday objects. designed by: dongwon joo and jieun choi.
found here.